Sunday, July 13, 2014

get money

I don't understand bloggers who don't use their internet presences as platforms to vent about how much their life sucks. Maybe it's because I don't understand people whose LIVES DON'T SUCK... this blog is officially a forum for complaining, feel free to use the comment section below to shit talk yourself and others.

My sweater (as you can prob surmise) is a HILARIOUS JOKE considering I'm the brokest bitch you will ever virtually meet in your lifetime. Where do people get money? How are peeps even emotionally stable enough to handle a job? In addition to not understanding lifers, I do not understand rich people, working people, and the mentally healthy. Blogging multiple times a week is as much stability as you're gonna get from me. 

Romwe illuminati sweatshirt, Yes Style jeans, Daily Look heels

Everything is infinite NOOOOTTTTTTTT,


Monday, July 7, 2014

valencia pop

Happy Monday nottttttt. Comin atcha wearing a pair of printed vinyl overalls from Romwe. The bold stripes and colors remind me of comic book pop art, so I tried to emphasize the 'outline' motif with these cut-out Zero UV shades. Minimalist pumps and a pussybow blouse elevate this theme from Getty Images to Getty Villa - a good classical/contemporary juxtaposition functions neatly as its own accessory. At least in fashion. Keep that 'playful pairing' shit out of my art, a word I will never use to describe the work of famous smart ass Roy Lichtenstein. In the remixed words of "drowning girl": I'd rather sink than call Brad Troemel for help.

Romwe "striped suspender shorts", Zero UV oversize cat-eye block cut sunglasses, Sugarlips blouse

Everything is infinite,


Friday, July 4, 2014

twee antoinette

Haven't done a full blown pastel look like this in a while! My frilly pink instincts danced right back into fruition when Le Bunny Bleu sent me these mint green oxford lace-ups -- pairing them with a matching aquamarine rose jacket felt SO natural it's not even funny. Summer goth is always a fun look...  but sometimes I gotta let my inner cupcake SHINE knowhatimsayin?? Maybe some of my readers will even recognize this vintage belt from previous posts... that shit hearkens back to 2011's "Hello Kitten" get up. 

Romwe rose print vinyl jacket, Le Bunny Bleu oxfords

Everything is infinite,


Thursday, July 3, 2014

tutti frutti

I'm supposed to be in LA today, doing fun things like 'nodeling' and photographing my friends. But of course everything went wrong when I tried to travel yesterday, I had several panic attacks, and I predictably shut down to avoid the frustration of building a backup plan. I don't understand why the universe hates me with such an unbridled fervor. This has honestly been the most painful, un-fun year of my life. Pure torture the whole way through, and to make matters worse, I'm still waiting for my meds to kick in. 

But on a lighter note, I'm wearing lime green overalls and a fruit print crop top I 'nodeled' for Tunnel Vision with The Fabulous Stains a couple months ago (full editorial ~here~). Fond memories are all I have. Memories and crop tops. 

Cobrashop sunnies, 24 Hrs crop top, OASAP overalls

Everything is infinite,


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

rose gold

You could take one look at my metallic varsity jacket and accurately guess that I've been living in it for the past several months. It matches everything -- even silver is enhanced by the gold sleeves and gives me the liberty to go for a 'mixed metals' theme. My favorite pairing is with boyfriend jeans, but today's look features a cropped box dress from Front Row Shop and cat-eye sunnies (my other obvious staple) from Zero UV. So where does the jacket hail from?? If you weren't already in the loop, NYLON has an online store called #NYLONshop with hundreds of pieces as cute (or cuter? is that within the realm of possibility?) as my varsity goodness. The inventory is artistically curated and it shows - so I might have to issue a warning before encouraging people to browse. There is absolutely NO WAY you will not fall head over heels in love with something. 

Faubourg du Temple varsity jacket from #NYLONshop, Front Row Shop rose dress, Zero UV cat-eye sunnies

Everything is infinite,


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

one less problem

By now it shouldn't be news that I dislike Andy Warhol. My lack of respect for him (as aforementioned in my post "Art Grunge") describes exactly why I'm okay with wearing his stupid iconography on apparel, where it belongs. People seem to have a really hard time accepting that Warhol was a total cop out excuse for an artist, and that he exploited the criticism he received to furnish a persona concerned with concepts like 'celebrity' and 'mystique.' But he didn't actually know shit about celebrity and mystique, he only appropriated the rhetoric of his dissenters to afford himself the reputation of someone clever (read: troll), and then he called that very action "art" when it's not anything but self-reference. Aesthetic objects that reference cultural points outside of themselves are not art, they are propaganda, and running with that contention I would even go so far as to say that 99% of the shit you see in contemporary galleries isn't actually art even though curators will insist it is, and then shove their university diplomas in your face as if that somehow legitimizes their opinion.

Can everyone just shut up and sit down? This is a good segue into my least favorite Andy Warhol quote: "I think everybody should like everybody." Really? Do shitty people with shitty ideas, no ethics, and violent agendas deserve to be liked? Please die, Warhol. I know you're already dead but please die a little more.

Zero UV cut out sunglasses, American Apparel jacket, Romwe print tee & checkered shorts & platform sandals

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, June 30, 2014

don't have a cow

Forget the misleading title -- I am not a reasonable, rational person. I am a histrionic cry baby drama queen who most definitely does 'have cows' or whatever when shit starts to get real. I don't genuinely believe in karma but I must have done something seriously messed up within the past several weeks to deserve the INSANE amount of curveballs life has been throwing mercilessly in my direction... but what?? Maybe the universe is trying to whip me into shape, and by forcing me to confront (literally) painful situations I'm learning, developing into an adult, becoming a responsible and discerning woman, etc. ALL THAT GOOD STUFF. 'Growing up' has been oddly concentrated into one year of my life so far, that year being this one, 2014, my good old 21st anniversary on woeful planet Earth.

At the end of the day, after I've cried out every last milliliter of tears, I realize that at least I still have my sense of style. I constantly reference taste as an alternative currency because I firmly believe that it is valuable in ways money isn't. Even if you're flat broke and sifting through bargain bins, it's your vision and ability to artfully arrange that renders you stylish - NOT the amount of money you're privileged enough to spend on frivolity. The tougher life gets, the more passionately I appreciate my tastes because no matter what they cannot be taken away from me

Now. Onto the real cow print elephant in the room - I'm wearing like 4 acrylic nails total in these pics, that's how hardcore my life is. K bye.

6ks cow print blouse, Rings & Tings necklace, Retro City sunglasses, Yes Style beret and slacks

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva